Extending the life of your clothes is one of the best things individual clothing consumers can do, according to UK waste action charity WRAP.

So we have collated some tips and how-to videos on repairs and care. Plus some info on professional alterations which can be very helpful when buying second hand.


  • Machine washing and tumble drying are hard on your clothes (and the environment*), so:

- Wash your clothes less (if it doesn't have visible signs of wear or smell, does it really need a wash?)

- Air dry instead of tumble dry (tip: drying tops on hangers saves time and creases)

- Wash efficiently: fill your washing machine up full (to about 80%), wash at a lower temperature (30 degrees is enough for a normal load) and reduce spin speeds (the least you can use without everything coming out too wet)

*Energy consumption, water consumption and plastic microfibre release

  • Separate whites from other colours when washing clothes - after a prolonged period of washing whites with even light colours, they will fade. 
  • To reduce pilling (bobbling) turn your clothes inside out before washing them. It's the rubbing against other items that causes the bobbles. Use a pilling comb to remove any existing bobbles.
  • Save your raincoats and re-waterproof them. Nikwax have been making highly regarded (by the outdoorsy crowd) non-toxic treatments to re-waterproof and wash your outdoor gear since 1977. 
  • If you need to wash down items like puffer coats Nikwax make treatments for that too. 

We sell some products and tools to help you keep your clothes in play for longer. 


Professional Alterations & Repairs

Something surprisingly unknown is that almost all dry cleaners (found on most high streets) offer repair and alteration services. They may not look fancy from the outside but that doesn't mean the resident seamstress/tailor isn't experienced and knowledgeable. You can check their ratings and reviews on google.

Prices (in our local dry cleaners in South London) range from about £10-£15 for shortening sleeves, trousers, dresses, straps etc. You can also get trouser waists taken in or let out, zips replaced, trouser legs and sleeves tapered as well as a host of other alterations for very reasonable prices.

Home Repairs

There is a lot you can do from home with very little prior knowledge or resources. You can buy a needle and thread from corner shops, supermarkets and online.

Easy fixes & stain removal video tutorials from

There's also loads of videos online showing you how to mend various types of holes using just a thread and needle.

Clothes Recycling

If clothes can't be repaired find your local recycling point on the Recycle Now website.