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Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor Pilling Comb - Manual Bobble Remover

Clothes Doctor Pilling Comb - Manual Bobble Remover

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Easily remove bobbles from your clothing using Clothes Doctor's FSC® certified beech wood pilling comb. 

Your delicate wool & knitwear items get 'bobbly' over time. By gently removing bobbles with a pilling comb, you can keep them looking brand new and wear them for years to come.

The comb is made from beech wood certified to be from "environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial" forestation practices. 

How to remove bobbles from your clothes: 
Hold the top end of your bobbly clothing firmly on a hard flat surface. Comb away in one direction to remove excess fluff and bobbles.


FSC® certified beech wood

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7.7cm x 4.3cm x 0.7cm

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